Centrally manage your company email signatures

Reach graphical consistency
Segment and automatically deploy announcements

Sigilium is elected technological partner of Club Décision DSI 2018 - 2019 - 2020.
And received a Silver Award at Trophée startup CMIT 2017.
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Use Email Signatures as a channel for your communication strategy

Standardize and unify
your company's email signatures

Ensure graphical consistency of all your company's email signatures. Automatically deploy changes in branding. Manage multiple brands and entities from your dashboard.

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Deliver information where valuable contacts read your message

Every year, each of your co-workers sends 2.000 emails outside of your company. Take advantage of these important exchanges between your company and qualified contacts.

Efficiently adapt your announcements to your target groups

Broadcast different announcement according to: brands, location or job expertise. Benefit from automatic suggestions on co-worker selection when creating a new announcement.

Track the audience
of your announcements

From your dashboard, measure clicks on each announcement. Review email signatures click rate on Google Analytics.


Messaging service / Benefit from native integration with GSuite, Outlook, Office 365. Have your dynamic email signatures integrated with all professional email clients.

CRM / For sales or support teams, connect Sigilium with your CRM or shared inbox, and send emails using unified email signatures.

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AB Tasty
Eckes Granini
EPA Paris-Saclay
France Digitale
Hôpital Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild
Le Point
Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity
Saint Gobain Process Systems
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What Decisionmakers say about Sigilium Email Signatures

Effectiveness of the service
avalability of the teams

“We work with Sigilum to manage al the email signatures for our agency. The results are what we have been looking for. The product fulfills its promise for 100%. Simplicity, Effectiveness.”

Romain Collinet

CEO, Willie Beamen

“Thanks to Sigilium the Communication Manager can manage the updates in email signatures in real-time for all our employees. We can differentiate the information according to the departments.”

Stéphanie Chazalon

General Director, Institut des Cultures d'Islam

“For our business as a SaaS company this is becoming a key element in our digital marketing. For our sales people it is very important to always communicate the latest information.”

Maÿlis Staub

CMO, Data Legal Drive