IT teams: automate your management of email signatures

And (seamlessly) give back the power to your business teams 🦊 !

1. Sync users with your directory or HRMS

Synchronise email signatures users with an up-to-date source (Microsoft or Google directory, HRMS, and others). Provide automated onboarding for new employees. And transfer continuously up-to-date contact details. Trends and developments of each party are automatically integrated, and information are synchronised.

Compatible with:

  • Your HRMS source: Lucca, Payfit, and more
  • your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace AD directory
  • an on-premise directory or other dedicated source
  • our automated import tool

And make the most of our import module to generate or update users using a simple excel or csv file.

2. Automatically deploy email signatures in your environment

Automatically deploy email signatures on all email accounts in use + iPhones / iPads (exclusive!) + CRMs

Native sync with:

  • Gmail, Outlook / M. 365, AppleMail (Mac), Thunderbird, and more
  • Salesforce, Sellsy, Hubspot, other CRMs
  • Lemlist, Front, Canva, Trustfolio

3. Define admin access precisely

Define administrator accesses and their scope.

Assign as many administrator accesses as necessary. And define the access level of an administrator profile: full or partial. For partial administrators, choose their scope of intervention.

For example, to administer the email signatures of:

  • all users of a specific brand
  • all users of a specific region or entity
  • all users in a specific country

4. Give back the power to your business teams: marketing, communications and HR

With our solution, your business, communication and marketing teams efficiently and centrally drive the brand image and relayed contents.

Give them back the power to:

  • Ensure a consistent brand image, everywhere
  • Create and deploy targeted communications
  • Measure the prominence of messages
  • Relay a dynamic employer brand
  • Ensure appropriate teams onboarding

5. Facilitate your new talents onboarding

Facilitate the work of HR teams and open the way to automated onboarding. New talents have an email signature configured as soon as they join the team.

Automate data management:

  • for email signatures of new employees
  • during any career development, implement all changes
  • and also for departures

6. Enjoy advanced and key features

Synchronised signatures on iPhone / iPad
Multi-brand, multi-entity management
Multi-domain management
Shared email address management
Multi-signature per user
Lightweight email signatures available
Mapping of directory fields
Definition of the synchronisation of each field
User contact page with automated Vcard

7. Use a secure and RGPD-compliant solution

No nonsense talks and no false “cloud provider certification” (as you may have seen elsewhere). Sigilium takes security and RGPD issues seriously, and what we do is crystal clear.

Our security commitments:

  • Install only on the email client and CRM side (privacy by design)
  • No email goes through an external server = No access to your emails or contacts (unlike an SMTP solution)
  • ISO certification to be granted soon
  • Service insured against cyber risks
  • Secure and encrypted data

Our RGPD commitments:

  • the protection of your data, of course!
  • data hosted in France (AWS France, Paris) and encrypted.
  • no targeted tracking of your contacts (prohibited)
  • no tracking by employee (prohibited)
  • Sigilium is registered at the CNIL, with a dedicated DPO.

8. Benefit from true follow-up and support for your teams

Sigilium provides support to administrators and users throughout the use of the service. With various resources and profiles to guide your teams.


  • Support by phone 5 days a week
  • Online support and resources available 24/7
  • Ticketing and support by email
  • Platform and resources in French and English

9. Enjoy a service with the best customer reviews

Our customers say it better! Here are 5 reasons why our customers are (very) satisfied and recommend Sigilium to manage and drive company email signatures.

5 main reasons:

  • the widest range of integrations on the market
  • tailor-made support
  • faultless support
  • iPhone / iPad mobile management
  • new features frequently released
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