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Sync email signatures on your Salesforce CRM without any restriction!

From the Salesforce inbox, send your messages with synchronised email signatures. Through its unique approach and native integration at CRM level, Sigilium is the only solution offering dynamic email signatures without any character limitation.

The only true native integration on the market!

  • No character limitation
  • Native integration on the CRM side
  • Sync the signatures on your messaging service + Salesforce
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Automatisez la gestion des signatures mail avec votre CRM Salesforce.
Get synced email signatures on your Salesforce's inbox for all the company with Sigilium
You keep control all along the chain.
step 1: sync Sigilium and all the email signatures with Salesforce

1. Sync signatures on Salesforce, (native integration)

step 2: a seamless email signatures deployment on Salesforce

2. Automatically deploy signatures (seamless for users)

step 3: Control and edit Salesforce sync at any time

3. Control and edit synchronisation at any time

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