How to create email signatures banners with Canva or Crello?

😳 No Photoshop required, just 5 minutes!

3 tools to create amazing email signature banners without Photoshop!

Damned ! You don't have any Photoshop licence available, nor agency to create your content. But you still need to quickly create a nice email signatures banner for the company?

Breaking news: no-code solution exist! They are powerful and easy to use. They will help you create stunnning jpg, png or gif banners for email signatures, in a hurry.

Discover 3 smart online creative tools you can try for free:

How to create an email signature banner from scratch with Crello or Canva

1. Create your perfect email signature banner

  • Connect to Crello or Canva's website
  • Among size options, choose "personnalised size".
  • Use for example 900px (width) x 300 (height).
  • Or the left menu, add elements you need.
  • Add your text and a call to action.
  • Download result.

2. Upload the banner on Sigilium platform.

  • Create a new annonucement and upload your banner.
  • Preview result
  • Choose users who will broadcast your nice new banner!