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Automate your management of users from the Lucca's directory

Sync the fields of your Lucca directory with Sigilium and automate users’ management with email signatures. Ensure an automated onboarding for your new talents. Manage career developments with a native sync of Sigilium with Lucca.

Select relevant fields > Sync > Approve

3 advantages:

  • Automated onboarding of users
  • Native sync with Lucca
  • Dynamic email signatures updates
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Automatisez la gestion des utilisateurs Sigilium avec votre source Lucca et votre messagerie mail.
Automate the management of email signatures based on Lucca's directory HIRS
You keep control all along the chain.
step 1:  in Lucca, choose the fields to sync with Sigilium, and automate the email signature management.

1. Define the fields to sync

step 2: test the data synced before deploying, then validate and proceed.

2. Test your data before activation

step 3: manage synced fields anytime.

3. Control and edit synchronisation at any time

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