Security and Privacy FAQ

Sigilium is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. Find the answers to frequently asked questions below.

Is Sigilium reliable, secure and confidential? Is our data safe?

Yes. Sigilium’s security standards are extremely high. We have implemented strong mechanisms to protect customer data from unauthorized access. We are committed to following applicable privacy protection laws. Our infrastructure is constantly updated to limit security risks.

Is our data backed up in case of an emergency?

All data are hosted on highly secured servers, by AWS in Paris (France). Data is backed up daily. We can perform a full backup recovery in case of unforeseen events or system-wide events.

Are our email signatures lost or unavailable in case of issues with Sigilium’s servers?

Sigilium considers reliability as a first priority and the basis for high deliverability. We ensure that each integration allows to use your emails signatures even if our infrastucture is down. Our hardware is also fully redundant so even if one disk or server fails nothing will be lost.

Does Sigilium have access to our email content?

Absolutly not. Sigilium email signatures are integrated at the client level (not the server level). This difference is very important: it means that technically we don't have any access or knowledge on the content of your emails, neither to whom, at what frequency or from where they are send. Beware that this type of information is being collected by other editors operating at the server level.

What is HTTPS? Why does it helps to keep our data secured?

HTTPS is the encrypted version of the "HTTP protocol", it ensure that the data is perfectly encrypted between your computer and our servers.

How will Sigilium use my account data?

Since it's creation, Sigilium is proud to have based it's Business Model solely on the quality of service delivered in managing email signatures. Its contracts guarantee the protection and non-exploitation of data entrusted to Sigilium. We won't add trackers to email signatures, in order to collect data on contact opens. Gathering this kind of data is in conflict with the GDPR which stipulates that consent should be obtained of tracked contacts. Your users lists and contact details are confidential. Sigilium will never disclose this information to third parties.

How does Sigilium protect my personal data?

We highly value our customers data privacy and protection. Please have a look at our Privacy Policy for more information on how we manage, process and store your data in the context of providing our services.

Is Sigilium GDPR compliant?

Yes, Sigilium is GDPR compliant, thanks to a privacy by design approach. Our last compliance audit was done on February 2020.

Do you have a Data Protection Officer appointed for your organization?

Yes. Our Data Protection Officer is: Thomas Darde, Co-founder of Sigilium. He may be reached at:

How do you ensure that my data protection rights are protected?

We have put in place processes to ensure that we respect your rights to deletion, rectification, data portability, information, to be forgotten and restriction.

Do you maintain a data processing registry of all your activities?

Yes. We have a personal data registry that is maintained in accordance with Article 30 of the GDPR. This lists out the type of personal data, where the personal data is stored, maintained and processed, any data flow, who the responsible party is, and the retention times.