How to easily generate qualified leads in the period?

Feedback from the International Marketing Meeting 2020

Emails have never been used as much as today

The annual Rencontres Internationales du Marketing (RIM, International Marketing Meeting) was held on October 1st and 2nd the 6th. Sigilium has been a partner of this event for several years now.

All sales and marketing directors present at the RIM 2020 agreed that it has become increasingly difficult to get their prospects on the phone since March 2020. Remote work and the challenge of balancing work and personal life led to more distance and slowed down or changed sales processes.

In professional exchanges, email confirmed its place as the preferred channel.

  • How to take advantage of this situation?
  • How to gain in visibility?
  • And turn this into a highly efficient channel for acquisition?
Emails have never been used as much as today
Figures from 2020:
Success story: how Claranet takes advantage

Client story: How Claranet efficiently engaged prospects and clients in the Covid-19 situation

Sandrine Bajolet, Marketing Director of Claranet France, has two major challenges since the occurrence of Covid-19: make Claranet’s offers more visible and generate qualified leads.

The demand for targeted technical profiles and decision-makers is increasingly growing in the period. Emails remain the preferred means of delivering content that the contact will read once they are available. Such profiles tend to spend less time on social networks or answering phone calls.

Thanks to the Sigilium email signatures, Claranet keeps deploying and relaying targeted and engaging content:

  • By relaying contents about offers and online events to new prospects to learn more, through all e-mail contact points: prospecting, follow-ups, email exchanges with their team.
  • By presenting additional offers to existing client companies with 1 to 1 meetings with Claranet teams.

How to leverage this channel?

By segmenting messages and using a tailor-made approach. Not all employees must send the same message. Defining a message by teams and the business verticals addressed by Claranet allows the relayed content to be more relevant.

2. Through planning. Once a webinar series has ended the messages are automatically replaced by other content (articles, blog pages on the subject).

3. Through shared calendars. They allow your contacts to schedule a meeting at their most convenient time.

How to leverage this channel?
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What Decisionmakers say about Sigilium Email Signatures
We work with Sigilum to manage all the email signatures for our agency. The results are what we have been looking for. The product fulfills its promise for 100%. Simplicity, Effectiveness.
Romain Collinet
CEO, Willie Beamen
Thanks to Sigilium the Communication team can manage the updates in email signatures in real-time for all our employees. We can differentiate the information according to the departments.
Stéphanie Chazalon
COO, Institut des Cultures d'Islam
For our business as a SaaS company this is becoming a key element in our digital marketing. For our sales people it is very important to always communicate the latest information.
Maÿlis Staub
CMO, Data Legal Drive