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How to sync email signatures on Mail Mac ?

See Sigilium's integration with Mail messaging service.

For email send from your Mail Mac application.

Most of Mac users love Mail, the intuitive and useful default messaging service. With Sigilium, you can benefit from sync HTML email signatures, on your Mail messaging service. Send messages to valuable contacts, with perfect and professional email signatures.

People in charge of branding can insure graphical consistency for teams using Mail. For marketing and communication teams, Sigilium sync email signatures each time a banner or a call to acion is added.

Sigilium is compatible with Mail since macOS High Sierra, and with the lastest versions.

macOS High Sierra macOS Mojave macOS Catalina macOS Big Sur macOS Monterey
Sigilium permet de synchroniser les signatures email sur la messagerie Mail avec macOS High Sierra, macOS Catalina, macOS Mojave, macOS BigSur

For emails send from your iPhone mobile or iPad, with iOS Mail.

Sigilium helps you get sync email signatures on your mobile. Answer or send emails to professional contacts, with the same nice email signature. Sigilium helps companies insure graphical consistency and an up to date branding, in all exchanges.

Compatible with iPhone Compatible with iPad

A real solution for companies with heterogeneous messaging services.

Sigilium permet de synchroniser les signatures email avec des messagereies hétérogènes.

If most of the compagnies request employees to use Gmail or Outlook as default messaging service, it is common to see C-level or dedicated teams prefer other messaging services.

  • because of working habits
  • for security and privacy purpose.

Advantage: Sigilium helps your benefit from sync email signatures on heterogeneous environnement. Email signatures are always up to date, even if habits and workflow of your teams are different.

4. Privacy by design, a secure solution

Sigilium is installed at messaging service level only (not a server side solution). It means: we do not access your exchanges nor your contacts. your emails are your emails ! It is a major difference of approach compare to other solutions. It is the reason why DSI, RSSI, CTO, choose Sigilium. Even medical companies, very cautious and vigilan with data protection, choose our service to manage email signatures of their teams and company.

secure solution sync at messaging service level only
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