Import, sync and automatically manage users on Sigilium

4 solutions to manage email signatures

1. Import tool : manage users with a simple drag and drop action

easyness control data step by step no_code solution

Our dedicated import tool helps you generate and manage all email signatures of the company with a simple excel or csv file.

👉 Main benefit : You can test the data and preview the result of your import before validating. Sigilium automatically detects errors on your file. Email signatures will no more be broken!

How it works:

  1. Drag and drop your excel or csv file
  2. Match data and test import
  3. Preview result and see potential errors
  4. Modify file if necessary
  5. Validate. It's done !

What happens if I re-import a file?
For each user, you can see data already displayed on Sigilium
and the informations replacing the actual one, when importing the new file.

Benefit from a complete overview, anytime! Manage thousand of users in a few clicks.

Let's start import users!

2. Sync user's data through Active Directory on Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace

Microsoft 365 Google Workspace

If data on your Active Directory is consistent and up to date, you can sync automatically all the users listed. Or define rules to only sync a part of your users with Sigilium email signatures.

👉 Main benefit: We automatically detect the new users created, and also the deleted users. Onboarding of the new co-workers has never been that simple.

2 options:

  • Sync data daily. Active directory is the only source of information displayed on email signatures. The user can't modify it's data, but can decide to display it or not (mobile number for example).
  • Sync data initially, then user can update it's contact details if data is wrong.class_selector New users are automatically added and sync.

How it works:

  1. Define data to sync
  2. Receive test results of the sync
  3. Once sync is OK, process is automated

Can we un-sync some users?
Yes absolutely. You can un-sync manually a user of the list on Sigilium.

Start sync users!

3. Sync users through Sigilium's API

Tailored approach Highly secured Automation

use Sigilium's API to sync the contact details of your users, whithout using an Active Directory connexion. A simple and secure solution, for a tailored result.

👉 Main benefit: you can sync the data you want from any source. You can use many custom field, depending on your needs.

How it works:

  1. Prepare data to sync
  2. We test sync result
  3. You can modify sync anytime

Is it possible to un-sync some users?

Yes absolutely. You can un-sync manually users listed on your Sigilium's account.

Discover API!

4. Sync data from you HRIS source!

Automatisation Sync Sigilium with Lucca

Sync the user's contact details directly from your HRIS source,through an API connexion! Discover our integration with Lucca and very soon with Payfit.